We help organizations to create and sustain safe work environment for their employees & contractors. We specialize in developing pro-active occupational safety programs that can build safe culture within the organization. We analyze leading & lagging indicators of the organization and develop risk based systems that will prevent & eliminate work-related injuries. We focus beyond OSHA compliance & accident prevention; we thrive for sustainable safety system that will improve employee commitment towards workplace safety.

Our safety consulting services include but are not limited to OSHA audits, job hazard assessments, written programs, risk mitigation, OSHA training, incident investigation & workers compensation mitigation.



Ongoing research continues to unveil new concerns for workplace contaminants and the increasing number of physical stressors. These can lead to occupational injuries and illnesses. As required by OSHA, employers are required to minimize these health and safety risks and ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Southwest Consultants has proactively conducted workplace assessments such as; Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, Physical Demand Analysis (PDA), Ergonomic Assessments, Job Hazard Assessments (JHA), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessments, to significantly reduce occupational injuries & illnesses. These assessments are far beyond regulatory compliance - it ensures a safe, healthy work environment and the positive morale of your employees.



Today, every business is scrutinized for its environmental impact on the air, water, and ground. Organizations must be aware of the potential effect of their operations on their employees, as well as the community and wildlife. Proactive management of environmental resources creates positive public relations. We understand the difficulty of navigating the ever-changing regulations and standards placed on your businesses.

At Southwest Consultants we have years of experience in environmental permitting, program development, and regulatory reporting. Since environmental regulations are very broad and complicated, we specialize in developing company specific environmental programs. Prior to developing environmental programs, we conduct facility and process assessments against applicable federal, state and local regulations. We work closely with regulatory agencies and ensure that necessary permits, licenses and plans are in place.



Over the years, strong OSHE programs have fallen short due to the lack of proper employee trainings. OSHE training requires not only a review of regulations, but task specific risks & control evaluation.

Southwest Consultants is specialized in developing operation specific employee training that will improve your employees’ knowledge of Occupational Safety, Health & Environment. Our operation specific training will improve employee engagement and knowledge retention since it consistent to their day to day job. During the training, we encourage employee participation so that employees can share the best practices and provide feedback for their well being.